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At a time when the Doomsday Clock in the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists stands at 100 seconds to midnight, meaning that our species faces imminent extinction from climate change, global warming, or nuclear war (see Doomsday Clock), this website is about how and why we have come to this. It is my belief that without the insights of psychoanalysis we cannot answer these questions, not save ourselves from an unprecedented catastrophe. Psychoanalysis is not only a method of psychological therapy, it is also a discipline for studying human beings and their cultures or civilizations (see applied psychoanalysis).

This website involves the interdisciplinary fields of applied psychoanalysis, such as psychohistory, psychobiography, political psychology, psychogeography, and the psychoanalysis of literature.

Here you will find my books, articles, and blogs on the psychoanalytic interpretation of history, politics, geography, literature, music and other aspects of human behavior and endeavor.

From time to time you will also find new pages about topical subjects, such as the tragic mass murders in Norway and France, the Scottish referendum, U.S.-Israeli relations, Iran’s nuclear ambitions, the Arab-Israeli conflict, or the psychology U.S. President Donald Trump and his followers.

Any comments or suggestions from you will be greatly appreciated.

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8 thoughts on “A Website for Applied Psychoanalysis

  1. Dear Avner,
    I hope this mail finds you in good health and spirit.
    As part of “Images in Psychotherapy” new corner of “Sichot,” I am planning to wright about Max Eitingon.
    I saw in your website that Agnon’s wife was psychoanalysed for ten years by Eitingon.
    I do know that Agnon and Eitingon were in some relationship, as Agnon dedicated a short story, entitled “Another Prayer-Shawl,” in Eitingon’s memorial book published in 1950 by Israel Psycho-Analytical Society, to Eitingon’s memory, wrighting as a moto (in Hebrew) “for the soul of R’ Mordechai Eitingon Halevi of Blessed Memory.”
    Can you give me some details or references regarding Eitingon’s relationships with Agnon?
    Also, I read in your website that you wrote a psycho-biography on Agnon. Where can I find it?
    With all best wishes,
    Jacob Margolin

  2. The piece on Barack and Bibi is nicely done, Avner. You know how much I appreciate and learn from this kind of analysis. Kol ha’kovod.

  3. ישר כוח! מזל טוב, חג שמח ושנה טובה
    צ’רלי גרינבאום

  4. Naturally well-written…. Could there be some illustration for subliminal purpose?

  5. Your new site is lovely…..continued success and thank you for keeping us enlightened! DRB

  6. Congratulations on your website…
    Psychology is certainly one of the sources we need the more in order to understand the human aspects of history, geography, and human beings!
    kindest regards

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